Software development
tailored for your company

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

We love building a solution from scratch and are able to help you since right after the idea is conceived. The usual strategy is to build a first iteration quickly as a proof of concept and to be able to show the idea to potential investors or stakeholders, and iterate from there while the idea takes a more defined form.

Support of Legacy projects

We don't look away when companies have old and/or outdated projects that need to be taken care of. We can provide bugfixes and support and also build a path to update or replace the system so that is no longer "legacy".

White-labelling existing systems

We have different strategies for taking your existing system and transforming it into a multi-tenant application where different companies or user can use a separate instance of the system. You'll be able to resell it under the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.


Most Asked Quetions

Many companies have special business processes that are difficult to integrate with off-the-shelf software. Going custom may sound more expensive than just buying a piece of software, but the flexibility that the company gains has a definitive cost reduction in the long term.

We prefer to be your whole tech team, but we accept team augmentation agreements when there's a match on our team member's availability.

We do, but we rarely support systems that are not coded using the Ruby language.

We are used to working for clients in the USA, Canada, the UK and Argentina, but we can work for anywhere. Our business hours are aligned with US Eastern Time, but we can be accomodating as we are very good at asynchronous communication over email or Trello boards.

200+ projects since 2008.

The process starts by contacting us with a brief description of what are you looking to solve. It could be a new development or extending an existing solution. Usually a couple paragraphs is enough to start the conversation.
After that, we'll analyze the information and send you a small set of questions. With those responses we'll set up a short 30' meeting with you so that both parties can get more information.
Usually after that meeting we have enough information to prepare a proposal for how we can help you. This step takes around a week.